About the Project

7iber once again came to mangafruit when they decided to reinvent their website. The content they have used for the past 2 years since their first website was developed has changed and so did their audience which grew to include a wider spectrum. Many modules where introduced to the website and some where removed. A larger section for the events was introduced which was needed and requested by several users.

Mangafruit is proud to have partnered with the 7iber team to create the best possible social article portal in Jordan and perhaps the middle east. We are currently involved in several minor projects with them.

About the Client

7iber is a media organization that seeks to inform, inspire, and engage communities to foster a more open society. We create original informative content, provide a platform for critical conversation, conduct trainings and research in the field of digital media, and bring people together.

7iber stands for universal human rights, freedom of expression and access to information. We believe that people and communities should have the freedom to craft and share their own narratives. We aim to uphold these values through the various activities that we engage in.

Project details

News and Media
Web Design, Web Development, User Experience, SEO


We enjoyed working with the team at mangafruit. They are have a very creative team!

Lina Ejilate Editor in Chief