MdM Website ReleaseMay 18, 2013

MdM Website released online

We are very proud and pleased that the French organization “Médecins du Monde”, Doctors of the World, has chosen mangafruit to work on their new website that is dedicated to their programs in the Middle East in both Arabic and English languages.

We have finalized the design for the website and started implementing it using a customized wordpress CMS that will suit MdM’s needs.

Mangafruit has decided from the very beginning to endorse such initiatives, with special prices and additional services such as business analysis and online presence strategies to enable these organizations to better spread the word.

Feel free to check the website online Here

Work is finished… HOWEVER

As we reach the final stages of the launching we agreed with MdM to get a support agreement and help them when they launch their social presence. We are glad and happy to be part of this campaign.

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