Tip’n Tag Mobile App

About the Project

Tip’n Tag sought mangafruit to assist them in building an app that would fit their unique business. As we worked more with them, we discovered the great potential in such an app. So we discussed with the team at Tip’n Tag and woke on enhancing the app till we reached it’s final stages.

Up until the day of writing this Tip’n Tag app is one of the top 10 app in Jordan. We are continuing the work with the team to continuously update the app with new features and enhancements.


About the Client

The Tip n’ Tag Team is a group of highly skilled and ambitious “Lemurs” that share the common belief that each and every person living or visiting a city deserves a unique and personal experience to address their needs. Our “Lemurs” consist of developers, community managers and tech savvy entrepreneurs, each of which form the road map to simplify the experience of personal discovery in your city.

Project details

Social and Activities Company
User Experience, Mobile Development, Mobile Design