Cardless App

A growing market full of potential yet full of competition

ViaArabia is Saudi based company, focusing primarily on the digitization of trade and eCommerce. With a long list of e-products, they are always looking for the next big thing in the digital world.

“Cardless” is their next big hit. A service that was accessible to users and provides easy payment options for digital Cards (eCards). The app needed to be simple to understand, easy to navigate between cards, provide clear prices to shoppers and a smooth purchasing cycle. They turned to mangafruit to enable all this in the application and create a user experience that was new and outstanding.

Cardless caters the Saudi Audience both B2B and B2C. The users were computer literate if not tech passionate, but they were a younger audience that what is customed to have purchased online. Creative ways for payment must be made available.

Our Solution

Right from the start, we understood that this application needed to be understood quickly by users who have great expectations for the app. In order to keep our goals aligned we did the following:

  • Create wireframes and test different approaches to the App.
  • Understand clearly the mechanics of the Saudi market online shopping community and do some user testing.
  • Create a new way for payment that enabled the young generation who don’t have access to credit cards, this method was Direct Credit Billing, DCB for short. So purchases can be done directly through your mobile balance. This along with the SADAD payment method was essential.

The Result

Within their first quarter, the app got 15 Thousand downloads and hundreds of daily purchases. DCB accounted for 35% of their income.

What We did

  • UX and user testing
  • Mobile App Design
  • Mobile App Development
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