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Not an NGO, but a Business Assosiation

Through our work with Jordan Green Building Council, EDAMA felt mangafruit have a clear understanding of their organization’s role in the community.

When first they approached they had many issues with their online presence and email accounts. With their website being hacked due to bad server security and their email being down most of the time, mangafruit decided to change the hosting to one of it’s trusted partners and set us an email using Gmail.

The second phase was EDAMA repositioning itself as an establishment and a business association (B.A.) not as an NGO. They started their own training facility with training being performed in EDAMA’s premises and outside by experts from around the world. EDAMA was establishing itself in the world of business as well, they sought a bigger audience and a better presentation for their B.A.

Our Solution

mangafruit knew we had to do things differently. Our client’s ambition was high and they knew little about the technology. SO what we did was:

  • We created the website with a focus on the homepage to show various achievements in each sector.
  • Emphisised the different services EDAMA provides to the community and establishments related to their field of work.
  • Increased the coverage of their monthly meeting, the Power Breakfast.
  • Highlighted their education department using online registration and showing upcoming courses.
  • Increased traffice through targeted ad campaigns and strategic SEO positioning.

The Result

EDAMA’s business achieved beyond what they had originally sought. They have increased their:

  • Number of website visits by 35%
  • Recurint visitors increased by 65%
  • Registred establishments by 25%
  • Student online registration is now 73% of the overall course registrations

About the Client

EDAMA in Arabic means “sustainability”. EDAMA Association is a Jordanian NGO established in 2009. As a Business Association, we are here to cultivate an environment where innovative solutions for energy and water independence and environmental conservation emerge.

Advancing Jordan’s movement towards a green economy is an ambitious and priority goal. To be achieved, we need robust knowledge hubs, multi-stakeholder dialogue avenues, and private sector mobilization. EDAMA’s niche is in providing a platform agile and inclusive enough to involve a large number of public, private and NGO sector representatives. These key players together discuss and shape the future development of Energy, water, and Environment (EWE) sectors in Jordan.

What We did

  • Web Design
  • Web Development

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