Intelimed Healthcare Solution

Providing care when needed

Katib has established itself as a Hospital Management Information provider in Jordan, now it’s looking to extend their reach into the MENA region. Katib had already an existing desktop application installed in hospitals. The future was a cloud-based shared application that only needed a browser.

They already had experience in building desktop apps but lagged behind in the web area. They bravely acknowledged that point and at the same time they needed UX Consultation, UI design, and Front End Development to complement the radical technology shift there are about to start.

Their upgrade was to be built around the patient and not the hospitals as is the case with most HMIS. From automated wristbands notifications to smartwatch integration, Katib needed a UX/UI partner to enable the collaboration of these entities together in seamless, unified user experience and appearance.

That’s where we come in the picture.

Our Solution

We based our work on the following strategy:

  • Always give the patient the highest priority.
  • Always use the latest technologies avilable
  • Not everybody can use what you create in a state of emergency, things need to be automated.

Based on the strategy we’ve implemented many great ideas. To name a few:

  • Wristbands, smart watches, and fit trackers should be an important part of our work and not only mobile devices.
  • We agreed that each user should have the ability to share his medical history through any device and at any given moment in a number of ways.
  • Hospitals and clinics need to be informed of their patient’s needs and medical history so a cloud-based solution, but the hospital is more that just patients. It has other departments such as inventory. The system must be automated to ensure that stocks remain high within logical and maintainable levels.
  • Dashboards and task lists and daily reminders must be implemented to ensure everybody is in the same picture.
  • We will create a system that enables dealers and other third-party members a clear and visible order and tracking system.

What We did

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Design
  • User Experience
  • Information Architechure

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