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Jordan GBC came to mangafruit with a very rigid CMS built using Joomla. They faced many difficulties using the system to change the content of the website and so the website built 4 years ago became out-dated in design and content.

mangafruit recommended using the easy to use and powerful wordpress. Along with a bright, clean design came the ease of use and instant access to vital information that was important to the different types of visitors. Members found their information quickly and so did the information seekers who looked for companies that had been licensed to do green building in Jordan.

mangafruit raised the Jordan GBC’s website above and beyond the noise of un-usability and enabled website visitors to spend more time; 3 times more than before to be exact; on the website.

About the Client

Jordan Green Building Council is a member-based Civil Society and cross-sector Non-profit, Non-Governmental organization registered at the Ministry of Social Development, it was established in 2009. It received its “Established Member” status after the formal acceptance of the World Green Building Council in April 2012.

What We did

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • User Experience

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