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Purchasing online from e-Commerce websites or from mobile application stores require a payment card, which is a major problem to many people. Kartetni is here to help, Kartetni is your digital cards platform offering a wide set of cards including Visa, iTunes, Google Play, Sony PlayStation Network , Xbox Live and Steam, all cards are available in different denominations to meet everybody’s needs. What makes Kartetni different? It’s simple, you don’t have to have a credit card to purchase from Kartetni, just add your mobile number and the card price will be deducted from your mobile balance, in 3 simple steps you will get a digital card (Visa, iTunes, Google Play…etc) to use it anytime you want. Kartetni is available on website, mobile website, mobile application for iOS and Android platforms. With Kartetni, the road to online payments is made easier.

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